'Numerology' Ring

'Numerology' Ring


◊ Our 'numerology' ring is hand fabricated in solid 14 kt gold with a delicate hammered band, perfect for stacking or wearing alone. Hand stamped with any number up to two digits of your choice, with the numbers oxidized to a weathered black. 

◊ Numerology is any study of the professed divine, mystical, or other special relationship between a numbers and some coinciding event. These divination systems were popular among early mathematicians, but are now considered pseudo-mathematics.

◊ Whether numerology intrigues you like it did to Lucy and Ethel in 'I Love Lucy' or if you have a special number, here's a way to commemorate that number!

◊ Find the numerology coordinate of your name at the link below!

◊ Listing is for one single 14 kt gold 'numerology' ring. All other rings pictured are sold separately.



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