Black Spinel Curve Bracelet | 14k Gold Fill

Black Spinel Curve Bracelet | 14k Gold Fill


◊ A pear shaped, rose cut, black spinel is prong set within the golden curve of this delicate bracelet.

◊ Black spinel measures 18 x 13 mm and is prong set in 14k rose gold fill on a 14k rose gold fill bracelet. Bracelet measures approximately 5.5 inches and fits most wrists. 

◊ Slide on near wrist bone on narrowest area of wrist and squeeze gently to fit.

◊ Spinel is a hard vitreous magnesium aluminum oxide that has been used as a gemstone for centuries. The beauty of spinel has caused it to be mistaken for ruby and sapphire in the past. Spinel occurs in a range of colors, such as rose pink to rich red; lavender to deep violet; light to deep blue, orange, yellow, brown and black.

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