Lapis Lazuli Rectangle Cuff | Brass

Lapis Lazuli Rectangle Cuff | Brass


◊ This deep blue rectangle lapis rests beautifully on our double band cuff. Lapis was once coveted by the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia for its vivid, exquisite color. They prized it as much as sapphire and turquoise.

◊ Lapis measures 1.75 in tall x 1 in wide. Set in a brass bezel and attached to a brass double band cuff. 

◊ Lapis lazuli is a rock whose most important mineral component is lazurite. Most lapis lazuli also contains calcite, sodalite, and pyrite.You can see little fleas of pyrite within these rectangles.

◊ Due to the aberrant nature of minerals, each piece of gem/mineral is unique.

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