We're Hiring!

We are currently looking to fill one full–time position at Mineralogy.

If you think you would be a great fit for our team, we would love to hear from you! Job Description posted below. 

Have you dreamed of having a job where you come to work every day in a beautiful and inspiring environment? Where you have the chance to be creative and work with your hands? Where a tiny dachshund named Penny will greet you every day with so much happiness and energy. We may have the job for you!


Mineralogy is a jewelry design and production company that creates one–of–a–kind engagement rings, unique fine jewelry, as well as statement jewelry created with fine gemstones. Our jewelry is designed and created in our Chicago studio, which also operates as a storefront. 


We have the wonderful opportunity to work with clients who are passionate about our work, as well as invested in supporting local women–owned businesses. We work with many clients to design custom engagement rings and other fine jewelry, sometimes incorporating family gemstones into the pieces. This personal process allows us to develop meaningful relationships with our clients and we often see them many times again. Because of the personal nature of our work, we are passionate about finding someone who shares similar values with us and who will be loyal to our brand and to our clients.


We are seeking a full time studio AND/OR jewelry production assistant to work in our storefront + studio space. Our studio functions as a public storefront as well as an operational jewelry studio. We make and design work throughout the day as well as assist shoppers who come into our store. From simple tasks such as helping customers find a gift for someone, to more in depth tasks such as walking potential clients through our fine jewelry and custom process, you will be involved in the multiple facets of the shop. There is never one task or one job responsibility at Mineralogy; the owner, Theresa, is involved in each aspect of the daily inner workings of the shop and you will learn to be, too. 


We are looking to fill one position of either a jewelry production assistant or a studio/shop assistant. If you meet criteria in both categories, that is excellent. If you meet criteria for one job description, we are looking for someone who is interested in learning additional roles. Due to the nature and intimacy of our shop, our team must be multi–faceted and have the ability to move from shop to studio mode throughout the day.


Studio/Shop Assistant Responsibilities Include:

 —Anyone who works on our team MUST have great people skills. Being kind and courteous to clients and ensuring a positive experience for them is a top priority in our shop 

—Welcoming shoppers into our store, assisting them with their purchase, and ringing up their orders in our POS system

—Walking potential engagement clients through our fine jewelry pieces and our custom design process

—Being a great listener with clients, paying attention to the details of their requests, and taking thorough notes

—Finalizing and sending out all email campaigns including weekly newsletters and automatic replies through MailChimp 

—Managing incoming email inquiries through email systems we have set in place

—Assisting clients over the phone

—Creating and maintaining all product listings and product inventory

—Managing online shop content, writing item descriptions, and posting new items online

—Managing inventory in the storefront and online

—Collecting, organizing, and renaming all photos for online use and client files

—Bringing clarity, focus, and perspective to each conversation

—Overseeing orders from placement to production through final delivery

—Organizing orders and fulfilling shipment

—General shop cleanliness duties including dusting, sweeping, etc.


Jewelry Production Assistant Responsibilities Include:

—the ability to watch demos on styles and recreate them using shop production notes

—familiarity with soldering with an oxy–acetylene torch

—ring resizing

—brass, silver, and gold soldering

—knowledge of fabrication techniques

—sawing, filing, sanding, polishing

—willingness to learn new techniques and brainstorm ideas for productive jewelry systems

—attention to detail and the ability to maintain productivity for repetitive tasks


For either position or a combination of both roles:

Your shop role will change daily depending on our current production schedule as well as what is happening on the retail side of the shop. You must be prepared to stop in the midst of a task to assist a customer and then to go back to focusing on that task once you have successfully helped the customer. You must be flexible with your projects while maintaining focus and be able to be aware of the stage in the progress of your projects. Being able to communicate your progress on a regular basis and self–start and self–manage your tasks are key.


Mineralogy is a small, yet fast paced environment where responsibilities can shift at a moment’s notice. To be a great candidate, you must demonstrate the following qualifications: 


—punctuality—you should be arriving at work 15 minutes prior to your shift

—strong attention to detail and highly organized with the ability to follow the systems in place and work on continual process improvement

—efficient computer skills with the ability to work on multiple programs on a Mac computer and troubleshoot 

—the desire to contribute ideas and brainstorm with honesty and integrity

—the desire to help wherever needed: there is no job too big or too small, we do it all!

—a genuine interest in jewelry as art and the willingness to learn about stones and materials



—Cover letter, résumé, and portfolio required

—An understanding of Mineralogy, our purpose, and aesthetic

—How your professional and personal presentation aligns with our brand

—A high level of organization

—An acute attention to detail

—An advanced set of verbal and written communication skills

—A positive and flexible approach to weekly work

—An ability to see overarching vision and theme in all work and projects

—Bringing a positive attitude and energy to all tasks

—Strong freehand drawing skills as well as drawing with templates

—Ability to express your vision clearly through drawing and arranging of objects

—Ability to express your vision verbally and the understanding of art terminology


Mandatory Experience:

Mac Computer Proficiency—no exceptions


Preferred Experience:



To apply, please submit your résumé, cover letter, and portfolio with the following:

—Introduce yourself!

—Why are you applying for this position and what do you hope to gain from this job and contribute to the business?

—What qualities about you and your skill set are unique for this position? How have these served you well in previous jobs?

—Describe briefly (2–4 sentences) in your own words how you see Mineralogy to someone who is not familiar with our work? How do you fit into our aesthetic and our brand voice?

—Where do you see yourself in five years?

—Please submit a list of five things from this job description that you believe you will excel at the most.  Of the items on the job description, what is one thing you don’t know very much about, but would like to learn more?


We are a shop where the owner is involved in all tasks and we hope to pass that down to team members. We would prefer to develop a well–rounded team member who can contribute throughout various areas of the business as opposed to someone who simply has a specialty. The physical smallness of our space as well as our personal relationships with clients make it very important that whomever joins the team is eager to become a part of everything and to help provide a great environment for our clients. 


Mineralogy is based in Chicago’s Ravenswood Neighborhood. This is a full–time position that is 40 hours a week, Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am–7 pm. Pay rate is based upon experience. We are close to public transportation and if you drive, there is ample street parking in the blocks surrounding the shop.


A cover letter, current resume, and portfolio are required to be considered for this position. Please include three references. To submit, please email theresa@mineralogydesign.com with the subject Mineralogy Studio Assistant. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!