Grey Remedy | Rose Morning Mug

Grey Remedy | Rose Morning Mug


◊ The perfect mug for adding beauty to your morning ritual.

◊ The 10 oz mug is approximately 4 in. wide and 2.5 in. tall. Made with white stoneware clay and finished with Rose, a glossy, light pink glaze. All glazes are food-safe, lead-free and non-toxic. Microwave-safe. Hand-washing recommended.

◊ All items are made by hand in Chicago, Illinois. The creation process for each item involves forming the clay on the wheel, allowing it to dry for several days, firing it in a kiln, glazing it, and firing it again in a process that takes 3-5 weeks. Because these items are crafted individually in small batches, they may vary slightly in size, color and shape.

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