Natural Gold Nugget Earrings | Alaska + Canadian Provinces + Territories

Natural Gold Nugget Earrings | Alaska + Canadian Provinces + Territories


◊ These delightful gold nugget earrings are perfect for those who love gold, but would like an organic take on the material. The gold nuggets, which average 22k (90%) pure are completely unaltered, except for a light tumbling they receive after having 14k gold ear posts soldered to them.

◊ Gold is formed in quartz deposits in the earth in gold bearing veins and lodes. Erosion of the exposed gold pulls it into watercourses and eventually it is deposited in a placer; an accumulation of valuable minerals formed by gravity separation in the sedimentary process. Throughout the journey down the watercourse, the natural movements of water in the streams tumbles the gold against sand and rocks, forming the gold nuggets. This natural process gives each nugget its own unique texture, shape, and character. Therefore no two are exactly alike.

◊ Our gold nuggets come from the great northwest areas of Alaska, the Yukon (Canadian Territory), and British Columbia (Canadian Province). The nuggets are mined in a process called placer mining that obtains the gold from loose river sediments. Due to the smaller scale of placer mining, it does less damage to the surrounding environment compared to other methods of surface mining. Miners make an effort to maintain the water quality by periodically testing for pollution and sediment overload. In some areas, miners have even developed placer mining systems that recycle the water used to sift gold so that polluted water isn’t discharged back into the environment.

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