Rose Cut Tanzanite Earrings | Solid 14k Recycled Gold

Rose Cut Tanzanite Earrings | Solid 14k Recycled Gold


◊ This stunning pair of rose cut tanzanite earrings is a beautiful hue that fluctuates between royal blue and violet from its remarkably strong trichroism and seems to bend light as you look at it. This optical phenomenon is known as double refraction, where light passes through a mineral with birefringent properties. When a ray of light passes through, it's split into two rays taking slightly different paths which causes one ray of light going through to be bent or refracted and the other one to pass through unchanged.

◊ These rose cut pieces of tanzanite measure approximately 12 mm in diameter and are prong set in solid 14k recycled gold with 14k gold posts and nuts. Double refraction and trichroism are hard to capture in a photograph...these are much more vibrant in person.

◊ Tanzanite is a blue/violet variety of the mineral zoisite and is found in only one place in the world, Tanzania, where it is mined in the Mererani Hills near Mount Kilimanjaro. It was named by Tiffany & Co in honor of its provenance and is December's birthstone.


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