White Australian Opal + Sapphire Earrings | 14k Recycled Gold

White Australian Opal + Sapphire Earrings | 14k Recycled Gold


◊ Beautiful and delicate opal with sapphire earrings are perfect for adding the right accent of color. Genuine white Australian opal from the Coober Pedy mining district in South Australia near Adelaide is set in solid 14k recycled gold and is accented with brilliant, blue sapphires. We love how opals express nearly every color in the visual spectrum.

◊ Hand fabricated from solid 14k recycled gold with a 4 mm opal and a 2 mm sapphire. Ours opal are natural and solid, we never use doublets or triplets in our jewelry. 

◊ Opal is a hydrated amorphous form of silicate which classifies it as a mineraloid, which is a mineral-like substance that doesn't demonstrate crystallinity. It's found in limonite, sandstone, rhyolite, marl, and basalt. It's colors are caused by the reflection of white light which enters the top of the stone. This light bounces around inside the tiny microscopic silica spheres within the stone, causing the diffraction of the light and the 'prism' or rainbow effect which we all know and love.

◊ Sapphire is a gemstone variety of the mineral corundum, an aluminum oxide. Trace elements are what give sapphires their color.

◊ Packaged in a box ready for gifting. Please select UPS Gold option for this order, we won't ship with any other option selected.

◊ If you are an international customer, please contact us before purchase, as some countries have restrictions on shipping fine jewelry.

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