Another End.

 This year has been more than incredible here at Mineralogy. I can't thank our customers enough for continuing to love and support the brand and to renew me with positive feedback. I couldn't do this without all of you! I am incredibly thankful to my family for their overwhelming understanding and desire to help this year and especially during the holiday season. My husband cooked so many meals, helped in any way he could, and accepted me living in my studio for two months. He also became used to me permanently covered in metal dust! My parents were such a great help coming down to Chicago a few times to help me set up and sell at different markets, such as Renegade…I never could have done it alone! My mom even braved Chicago's first 'snowstorm' with me at the end of Renegade. I look back on this year with a full heart, knowing I completed my best year yet (year 3!), learned even more about my potential and also about failing. I've become more acquainted with my strengths and weaknesses and my goals and feel ready to conquer the new year! Also…many many presents were wrapped! And thank you to my customers again, because January is already starting of busy! Sometime soon, I will finish my income tax, God help me! 

Theresa CowanComment