A Thoughtful Ring...

Right before the holidays, Tom stopped into the studio to look into creating a custom ring for his wife who was about to give birth to their second child. He brought his adorable son and we met their baby a couple months later. It was so nice to hear him describe how wonderful his wife is and how incredible she is as a mother and the excitement they shared to welcome their second child. We combined a Dyer Blue, NV turquoise mined and cut by a husband and wife team with imperial topaz to commemorate the birthdays of both of their children; and accented it with a diamond, hand fabricated in 14k recycled gold.

There was something in particular that was extra meaningful about our design opportunity and it was something that we will not forget. Tom said that he felt something special in the studio,  as though there was a different ambiance in the air. We feel it too! There is a special aura to the space that we distinctly feel and know others share that feeling with us. We believe its rooted in the connectivity and the stories, history, and passing of objects of meaning from one hand to another that happens within our walls. The relationships that grow within the studio and the moments that unfold are truly beautiful; we are honored to begin to know these people that come through our mint door and share their experiences. We hope to continue to tell stories of love, celebration, triumph, and remembrance through our jewelry and our space.

xo Theresa + Hayley

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