Kelly + Nick Custom Engagement

I first met Kelly when she stopped by the studio to swoon over our rose cut diamond marquise ring. She told me about her boyfriend Nick and their thoughts about engagement rings. I always like to hear how couples have either similar or different opinions and which ones choose to design together or separate.

To celebrate achievements with her business, Kelly was thinking of treating herself to that particular ring. I truly believe each ring, gemstone, and diamond really calls to their person. Kelly decided to pass on the ring since they had just bought a condo and were excited to focus on their new place. It was a real treat when Kelly and Nick contacted me to tell me they were engaged and wanted to create a custom engagement ring with me.

I had a red, rose cut diamond in the studio for a little while that I loved, but couldn't bring myself to make anything with it because I knew that it somehow belonged to someone. During our consultation, Kelly went right to that red diamond. After considering it against a couple others, she knew it was for her. To commemorate Nick in her rings, she decided to have an open cuff wedding ring with his birthstone, onyx. 

It was such a wonderful experience to meet with Kelly and Nick and watch them involve each other in the process of designing her engagement ring and wedding ring. Nick surprised her with the finished rings and she was thrilled. Kelly (like most of us ladies do before we get married) admitted that she was trying on her wedding ring already and wearing it around the house:) I am so thankful for all of these great couples that I have the opportunity to work with!

xo Theresa

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