Brazilian 'Oco' Geode Prong Set Ring

Brazilian 'Oco' Geode Prong Set Ring


◊ Brazilian 'Oco' geode prong set ring, hand fabricated from brass. Ring band coated for sensitive skin.

◊ Geodes are geological secondary sedimentary structures which occur in certain volcanic rocks. 

◊ “Oco’s”, is the word used in Brazil where they are found, are tiny agate nodules with a geode center. The formation in which the geodes are found is 50 million years old and located in the country of Brazil. Farmers have gathered the Oco’s for many years. After the crops have been harvested and the farmers are unable to work, the fields are tilled under allowing the Oco’s to appear. They are then gathered and sold for cutting into the geode half.

◊ Please specify size...with this particular type of ring, sizing is slightly imperfect due to the fact that the ring band is not circular all the way around.

◊ Due to the aberrant nature of minerals, each piece of gem/mineral is unique. 


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