Oval Diamond Geometric Cluster Ring | Engagement Ring | 14k Recycled Gold | One of a Kind

Oval Diamond Geometric Cluster Ring | Engagement Ring | 14k Recycled Gold | One of a Kind


◊ A delicate composition of oval, triangle, round, and baguette shapes make up this unique one–of–a–kind diamond engagement ring.

◊ Oval diamond weighs 0.38 ctw and measures 6.5 x 3.59 mm. This diamond is GIA certified, VS1 clarity, and G color. You will receive the GIA report with this ring.

◊ Triangle accent diamond measures 3 mm, round diamond accent measures 3.15 mm, and straight baguettes measure 3.5 x 1.25 mm. Ring has a total diamond weight of 0.67 ctw. Accent diamonds are VS clarity and G–H color. All of our diamonds are hand selected, conflict free, and never treated with color or heat.

◊ Round ring band measures 1.7 mm. All gemstones have prong settings. Ring is crafted in solid 14k recycled gold and is shown with a polished finish, but may be finished in matté as well.

◊ The word diamond comes from the ancient Greek adámas, meaning unbreakable. Most natural diamonds are formed at high temperatures and pressure in the Earth's mantle. Carbon-containing minerals provide the carbon source, and the growth occurs over periods from 1 billion to over 3 billion years. Diamonds are brought close to the Earth's surface through deep volcanic eruptions by magma, which cools into igneous rocks.

◊ Ring is packaged in a ring box, ready for gifting, and is shipped via UPS with full insurance and tracking.

◊ If you are an international customer, please contact us before purchase, as some countries have restrictions on shipping fine jewelry.

◊ Shown with our contour band and baguette + round diamond cluster band.

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