Silver Teardrop Rose Cut Natural Diamond Arc Ring Solid 14k Recycled Gold | Limited Edition

Silver Teardrop Rose Cut Natural Diamond Arc Ring Solid 14k Recycled Gold | Limited Edition


◊ This unique silver diamond arc ring is as truly unique as the woman who wears it. It can be worn right side up or upside down, depending on your preference and stacked with other bands. Make it entirely your own in the way you style it. Only two of these exact rings can be made, as we hand selected two matching diamonds to create this ring.

◊ Natural silver teardrop rose cut diamond, 1.4 ctw, measures 6 x 9. Elongated facets come to a sparkly point at the crown of this diamond to create a wonderful glimmer. All of our diamonds are hand selected, conflict free, and never treated with color or heat.

◊ Solid 14k recycled gold setting is completely hand fabricated to fit this exact diamond, nothing is cast. The diamond is prong set and floats along a curved solid 14k gold band with a brushed matté finish. If you would prefer a polished finish, that option is available as well.

◊ The style of rose cut originated in the mid 16th century in Antwerp, Belgium. The rose cut features triangular facets arranged in a symmetrical radiating pattern, but with the bottom of the stone left flat—essentially a crown without a pavilion. This cut was the predecessor to other forms of brilliant cuts, such as the Old Mine Cut and Old European Cut, which were more advanced due to the development of diamond saws and jewelry lathes.

◊ The word diamond comes from the ancient Greek adámas, meaning unbreakable. Most natural diamonds are formed at high temperatures and pressure in the Earth's mantle. Carbon-containing minerals provide the carbon source, and the growth occurs over periods from 1 billion to over 3 billion years. Diamonds are brought close to the Earth's surface through deep volcanic eruptions by magma, which cools into igneous rocks. 

◊ Ring is packaged in a natural linen ring box, ready for gifting and is shipped via UPS with full insurance and tracking. Please select UPS Diamonds & Gold for shipping option, we will not ship with any other option selected.
◊ If you are an international customer, please contact us before purchase, as some countries have restrictions on shipping fine jewelry. 

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