Prince Mine Variscite Ring | 14k Recycled Gold | One of a Kind

Prince Mine Variscite Ring | 14k Recycled Gold | One of a Kind


◊ A stunning focal piece of variscite has a gorgeous matrix running through a minty sea of green, set in warm, 14k recycled gold.

◊ Variscite is bezel set in 14k recycled gold on a 2 x 1 mm flat band. This ring is completely one–of–a–kind.

◊ This variscite was mined and cut by a husband and wife from the Prince Mine in Mineral County, Nevada near the Calendaria Mining district. The variscite from these particular mines have high silica content, which makes them hardness and extra durability.

◊ Variscite is a mineral closely related to turquoise in mineralogical terms; a hydrous aluminum phosphate, with its distinct difference being that it doesn't contain copper. While copper gives turquoise its characteristically blue color, variscite receives its green colors from chromium and vanadium. Other metals such as iron and manganese can contribute to its other colors.

◊ Because of its unique composition, each locality where variscite is found imparts its own character on the stone. Each provenance also has its own individual history that is carried forward with the stone.

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