Mineralogy is a collection of limited edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry designed and handcrafted by Chicago metalsmith, Theresa Cowan. Inspired by an earth science class lecture on minerals, the collection began. Mineralogy creates unusual statement and heirloom quality pieces that pay tribute to the beauty of natural gems and minerals.

Traditional metalsmithing techniques are used with an assortment of metals ranging from brass, silver, 14k gold fill, and solid 14k gold. The styles are produced in limited quantities, with each individual piece unique in its own aspects due to nature’s remarkable aberrations.

It is our commitment to create quality jewelry in limited editions with the intention of offering unique pieces for our customers. we believe in the integrity of handmade objects and carefully sourced materials. we are proud to hand select our gems and minerals from a small array of reputable gemologists, collectors, mine owners, and lapidary specialists. All of our jewelry is designed and handcrafted in Chicago. All designs made with precious metals are 100% recycled material. We use ethically–sourced and conflict–free diamonds and gemstones. We believe in the importance of longevity and versatility, therefore, our jewelry is intended to be worn from season to season, one occasion after another. We hope you find a treasure for you or someone you love.

Theresa Cowan

Theresa founded Mineralogy in 2010 with a love for natural minerals and design. A graduate of The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, she has always been fascinated by texture and form through the arrangement of objects. In the summer of 2015, Mineralogy opened their studio as a storefront in Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood. Here, Theresa designs and creates one–of–a–kind jewelry and custom engagement rings. She enjoys working with clients to design unique engagement rings and the process of creating something that will be worn with love and be passed on through generations. Her favorite minerals are sapphires, pink jasper, turquoise, diamonds, and variscite.


Hayley Hogan

Hayley is our assistant jewelry designer and maker. She works with design concepts as well as the production of some of our jewelry pieces. In addition, she maintains products online, packages orders, illustrates designs, and assists in online content creation. 

Hayley received her BFA in Fashion Design from Columbia College in 2016 with an emphasis in textiles and womenswear. She is drawn to textural fabric which inspired her to produce her own textiles to use within the garments she created. She hopes to start her own business one day focusing on handmade women's apparel and home goods. Hayley currently creates wall hangings woven from natural fibers that are for sale in our shop. She explores the use of shapes and a combination of textures with unique fibers. 

You can follow Hayley and her work here.

Penny Dee Cactus-2.jpg

Penny Dee

Penny is our beloved shop dog. Theresa and her husband Alex adopted Penny  in the summer of 2016 from Almost Home Foundation. Penny was brought up from Alabama to Chicago for adoption and that is how she received her southern belle name. Penny spends most of her days in the shop, doing what she does best, sleeping. You can find her on Instagram at @misspennydee in her quintessential napping poses. She loves treats, chasing squirrels, and good belly rubs.