Jewelry Care

Each piece of jewelry created by Mineralogy is made with quality and longevity in mind. Taking proper care of your jewelry is very important to ensure that it will last for a long time. As much as you will love your piece and want to wear it all of the time, it is important to understand the environments that are not good for the care of your fine jewelry. We recommend having your fine jewelry reviewed every 6 months for the checking of settings.


Please remove rings, necklaces, and earrings when

 —Showering or bathing. Soap and lotion may build up underneath the settings that may be difficult to clean at home. 

—Exercising. Any strenuous activity including cardio, yoga, lifting weights is an opportunity for your jewelry to catch on something or bend. Any continuous pressure applied to your ring’s band may cause damage. Besides damage to your ring, you could injure your hand or finger if you are lifting weights and get your ring/finger caught in the equipment. 

—Sleeping. Fingers swell in the night causing discomfort while wearing rings. Prongs can catch on material while you are sleeping and a stone may come loose or fall out without you noticing.

—Applying perfumes, lotions, oils, makeup, or hair products. These can all build up product underneath your ring or on the surface. Put your jewelry on after you have finished bathing, applying lotion, spraying perfume and hairspray.

—Cooking, baking, or doing dishes 

—Cleaning, especially with bleach or other harsh chemicals 

— Swimming 

—Gardening, painting, throwing pottery, or any activity where abrasive materials can interact with your jewelry. 


Avoiding impact and pressure is important to the maintenance of your jewelry. Gold, gemstones, and even diamonds can chip, crack, or scratch if they are knocked hard enough or at the wrong angle against another object that has a harder surface. Harsh chemicals such as bleach can damage metals and weaken settings, causing loose or lost stones. Chlorinated water can react chemically with metal, which can change the color or weaken the settings. 


Cleaning Jewelry at Home 


A combination of mild soap (such as Dawn), warm water, and a soft toothbrush may be used for cleaning. You can soak most of your jewelry (do not soak turquoise) in this solution for 30 minutes before taking out and scrubbing gently around the stones and the setting with the soft toothbrush. Rinse clean with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Refrain from using chemical jewelry cleaners, store bought cleaners, and home ultrasonic cleaners.


Avoid wearing gemstone jewelry in hot tubs or in natural hot springs. Sensitive gemstones such as opals and turquoise can become damaged beyond repair.


Thank you for taking the time to read our recommended care instructions for your jewelry. Please consider the care of your jewelry investment carefully. 

Metal Information

Solid Gold

To lessen our impact on the environment, our solid gold Jewelry is recycled, which is the same quality as traditional gold. Recycled gold is refined from estate jewelry etc and cleaned and refined at a refinery to ensure that it is in pristine condition for casting and fabricating. There is no visual difference or difference in quality or value. By choosing to work with recycled gold, you are joining us in an effort to be more eco conscious and observant of resources.


Some of our pieces are made from raw brass. When left raw these metals have the tendency to naturally patina and age over time. We love this about brass, and feel that it gives each piece character. if you prefer to keep your piece in its original bright gold form, store in an airtight container/plastic bag or use a gentle brass/ bronze cleanser or polish when needed to bring it back to its bright state.

Sterling + Fine Silver

When worn regularly, silver usually keeps it bright state. If kept out for periods of time, even unworn it can tarnish and the way it tarnishes depends on the climate you live in. You can easily rid your silver jewelry of tarnish with a simple polish, but we recommend wearing your jewelry often to naturally prevent this. If you are not going to be wearing your silver piece for a period of time, we recommend storing in a plastic bag or airtight container.

14k Gold Fill

Gold fill is made from solid gold which is 'filled' with other alloys. Unlike gold plate, It will not flake, and the surface should not turn your fingers like brass can do. This can vary from one person to another depending on skin type and lotions/perfumes worn. The finish and surface of gold fill has the same properties of solid gold because it is gold. 14k gold fill is solid 14k gold, bonded with heat to a brass core. Please care for your gold fill pieces just as you would a gold piece of jewelry. Gently polish by hand with a clean cloth.